Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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NEW Concussion Training for Parents and Coaches
To continue to put our children's safety first, DSYSA has recently adopted a new policy requiring all DSYSA coaches and assistant coaches to complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion training prior to conducting their first practice. Additionally, we encourage parents to educate themselves on concussions through the CDC's Heads Up website or by reviewing our Concussion Facts Sheet for Parents

Please help us support Dripping Springs Kids Fun Foundation! They help our kids in DS participate in DSYSA activities (and others) that they would otherwise be unable to participate in due to financial constraints. Their goal is to help not only low-income families, but also children whose families are temporarily working through financial constraints due to situations such as serious illness, job loss, or divorce. http://www.dskidsfunfoundation.org/

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  This is your chance to serve a vital role in the continued success of DSYSA.  
We have the following UMBRELLA BOARD POSITIONS OPEN:  Secretary & Underwriting. Nominations are still being accepted! See any board member for details, or contact: community_relations@dsysa.org to apply TODAY! 

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